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Melbourne Smash

It’s just BASICALLY avocado on toast.” That was part of the statement about our Melbourne Smash I read the other day. It was the same comment and review that kept me awake at midnight, and then again woke me up about 5am.

Buddha Bowl

Everything about this salad is down to mise en place, which basically means the preparation of ingredients before assembling. So have your quinoa cooked and cooled, your potatoes and peppers roasted and your egg boiled, this will make for the arranging of it to be stress free and fun.

Korean Spring Onion Pancakes

I’ve been seeing these delicious crispy spring onion pancakes trending over the internet for some time now. I was determined to give them a go and improvise with some ideas for a cookery book I’m working on. Often called a ‘Korean pizza’ this crispy pancake I think they makes the ideal vessel for a Gastrono-me style sexy brunch dish! The heat of the horseradish cream is a delicious accompaniment to the smoked salmon, and if you’re feeling in a spicy mood a little gochujang hot sauce drizzled over is really good. Have a great pancake day everyone!

Livin’ on the Vedge

I give you our Livin’ on the Veg sandwich to try. It’s a very popular tasty simple sandwich on our Gastrono-me menu. This is a low effort recipe for the start of the new year if you’re like me and still fagged out from the festivities (and truth be told, the fizz).

Bloody Hell Mary

Bloody Hell Mary

Bloody 2020, bloody Corona, bloody tiers, bloody hell! Normally January starts off the year by ringing its moral bell and every magazine article, online recipe, food supplement you glance at all take you in the same direction; ‘a new you’, ‘a new regime’, ‘it’s health kick time’. But I simply can’t bring myself to do …

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