Can’t Resist Carrot Cake

We all have those recipes that are like jewels, much coveted and ultimately prized – they become this from being so good you can’t resist them, and because you end up making them time and time again. Hence, I came up with the name of this Carrot Cake because it is so damned moreish that I may have well called it Crack Carrot Cake! Such was its reputation I made it day in and day out for our first café, and requests for the recipe used to come thick and fast from its loyal following.

St Patrick’s Day Guinness Cupcakes

A rich dark Guinness laced chocolate cupcake topped with this heavenly light frosting is the perfect choice for a St Patrick’s day treat. This buttercream maybe a little more work, but I promise you it’s so worth the extra effort – once you’ve tried this buttercream, you’ll find it impossible to ever make any other!

St David’s Day Welsh Cakes

St David’s Day Welsh Cakes

Growing up in Cardiff, no St David’s Day was complete without being sent to school with a proud daffodil pinned to my blazer, and a welsh cake wrapped in my packed lunch. Just the sight of these little cakes can give me an overwhelming feeling of Hiraeth.

Peanut Butter Brownie

I love the way that baking, and lockdown have become natural bed fellows. For a lot of people busy with everyday life, there just doesn’t seem to always be the time to bake. But during lockdown when time stretches out endlessly in front of us, baking provides the perfect distraction. It’s also probably the need …

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