Gemma Simmonite is a Welsh born chef, food writer, and restaurateur. Her crave-worthy collection of recipes is an amalgamation of signature dishes from her highly successful restaurant Gastrono-me, as well as some of her personal favourites inspired by her travels. When creating recipes Gemma uses seasonal and easily accessible ingredients which, when married with her friendly guidance ensures readers achieve fail-proof results. Her goal is that when readers try her recipes at home they soon become their go to favourites.

Gemma is a seasoned cookery writer and her delicious recipes have been published in several national publications including The Guardian, Metro, HELLO! Magazine, The Daily Mirror, The Telegraph, iNews, Country Life and many more.  She is also a resident recipe-writer for Suffolk News. Gemma is getting ready to open her second Gastrono-me in the beautiful city of Cambridge and has exciting expansion plans in the pipeline to open further sites throughout the UK. We hope you enjoy her recipes for a little Gastrono-mic experience no matter where in the world you are.

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Livin’ on the veg

12 May 2021

Korean Brisket Sandwich Gastrono-me Bury St Edmunds And Cambridge

 pumpkin spiced muffins

29 Oct 2020

Gastrono-me Bury St Edmunds And Cambridge
Gem’s Vegan Sausage Roll

01 Apr 2021

Vegan sausage roll at Gastrono-me Bury St Edmunds And Cambridge
Vegan Paela

15 May 2021

burrata salad recipe

23 April 2021

Burrata Salad at Gastrono-me
Salted peanut butter brownie

21 July 2021

Peanut butter brownie at Gastrono-me Bury St Edmunds And Cambridge

Can’t-Resist Carrot Cake

12 Mar 2021

Gastrono-me’s Gemma Simmonite shares two recipes to give us that hedonistic holiday vibe

23 July 2021

Mixed tomato and mozzarella pizza slices at Gastrono-me
The 10 best hot drinks to share outside

1 Nov 2020

Gastrono-me alcoholic beverages Bury St Edmunds
Korean Spring Onion Flatbreads With Smoked Salmon, Gemma Simmonite, Gastrono-Me

5 July 2021

Korean spring onion flatbread at Gastrono-me

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