Chocolate Eggstravaganza Cocktail

This Easter cocktail is literally a chocoholics dream! An Easter Egg filled to the brim with a boozy delicious concoction. It’s based on the classic frozen Mudslide cocktail, and the joy is once you’ve polished off your cocktail, you can eat the egg too! If you have little ones, just fill their eggs with a chocolate ice cream milkshake.

Bloody Hell Mary

Bloody Hell Mary

Bloody 2020, bloody Corona, bloody tiers, bloody hell! Normally January starts off the year by ringing its moral bell and every magazine article, online recipe, food supplement you glance at all take you in the same direction; ‘a new you’, ‘a new regime’, ‘it’s health kick time’. But I simply can’t bring myself to do …

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Don’t You
Forget About Me

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